Dr Vincenzo Costigliola,
President, European
Medical Association,
states that:

“Not only does breakfast make a positive health difference – it’s also simply a good habit to get into. Making a morning meal part of your daily routine is an important step in taking control of your diet and your life.”

Judith Liddell,
Secretary General,
of EFAD states that:
“Making time for breakfast is a simple, but very significant step towards good health. A nutritious breakfast means a good start to the day – it’s an easy way to improve your daily diet and to make sure that you get the right nutrition at the start of every day.”

Jean-Claude Gonon,
Secretary-General of
the European Association
of Teachers:

“As a former teacher, I can spot straight away who’s awake and alert and who’s tired and distracted. And in my experience, one of the biggest factors that determines success in the classroom is so simple and so often overlooked: having breakfast every morning.’”

Our Partners

The Club Européen des Diététiciens de l’Enfance aims to promote the nutritional health of children and defend the profession of pediatric dietician by recognizing its importance.

CEEREAL represents the breakfast cereal and oat milling industries in their relations with the European institutions, industry and consumer associations as well as consumers.


The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians aims to promote dietetics on a scientific and professional level and encourage a better nutrition situation for its member countries.

The European Medical Association - Created by and for doctors, EMA is essentially a service organization that aims to improve the quality of healthcare and medical working conditions in the European Community.

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EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Lazy Town

Scandinavian School of Brussels

European Commission

WHO Europe

Magic Breakfast

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